Contaminated Land


Discovery CE were commissioned to undertake a detailed quantitative risk assessment for the impacts of hydrocarbons on controlled waters for a former gas works in Letchworth.  The aim of the works was to define the degree of contamination beneath the site and advise what remedial measures might be required. DCE agreed a scope of investigation works with the EA to sample deep chalk cores for contamination and subsequently monitor and test contamination in the groundwater.




Contaminated land appraisal and assessment forms a large part of Discovery CE’s portfolio. A recent example is an 172 Ha former quarry for a steel works located in Corby. A detailed desk study was essential to ensure that the appraisal was planned and executed properly which included inspection of historical maps, photographs and other records.

Discovery CE have designed several detailed investigations at the site to clarify the geology, hydrogeology and groundwater quality status. Frequent liaison with the Environment Agency was essential to ensure that their concerns were addressed in this project.




Corby 1952 (2) EAW044678



A comprehensive interpretative geotechnical and environmental report was produced and the £30K project was completed below budget and well within programme for Opus Land.
A heritage of industrial industries from the industrial revolution to the present day is a feature of many sites in the Midlands. Discovery CE are experts in assessing the impacts of such a legacy on the environment and a sites’ potential redevelopment opportunities.

This 20 Ha site in Birmingham is a prime example of historical industrial land use and its affects.  Discovery CE lead the investigation and assessment of the contaminated land and remediation issues at the site.  The work included preliminary and detailed site assessments, conceptual modelling, hydrogeological modelling and risk assessment.