Discovery CE provides specialist advice on a range of geotechnical problems and our professional team draws upon years of analytical geotechnical experience to provide innovative solutions. Our analytical geotechnical expertise includes the following:

  • Gravity Retaining wall design
  • Embedded Retaining wall Design
  • Foundation analysis and design
  • Pile design
  • Pile Load Test Analysis
  • Ground improvement design and assessment
  • Earthworks design and specification

We offer a full range of services for slope and rock stability analysis, Geomorphological mapping analysis and design of remedial measures

  • Geomorphological Mapping
  • Rock stability assessment
  • Slope stability analysis

Additionally we carry out detailed design of remedial measures for unstable soil or rock slopes which includes retaining walls, soil nailing, rock anchoring, reinforced earth and regrading.

For some examples of our recent rock and slope stability analysis click here.

We have also recently been involved in several earthworks and ground improvement design and assessment jobs, full details of this work can be found here.