Tunstall and Cows

The team has been working hard round the clock to finish our phase 2 report for a site near Tunstall, below are some photos showing our time in Tunstall.


Dubbed the treacherous “poo gate” as the name suggests it was the gate we had to pass to gain further access to site, roughly a foot deep in cow poo.


The cows were friendly at least.

IMG_20191204_101127 IMG_20191204_101021


Weather on site tends to be bit unpredictable on our Tunstall site.

One moment you are deep in heavy fog almost as if you are in a horror movie.

The next you are in a picturesque disney scene.

MVIMG_20191220_113031 IMG_20191202_135608IMG_20191202_110715

However, our team stayed strong in rain or shine, we brought back to the office a haul of samples from a combination of Trial Pitting, CP Drilling and Dynamic Sampling. Great job to the team, keep it up!