Discovery CE have recently had a French university student, Romain Marchais, join the team for a month over the summer. Romain joined us on the 5th July straight from his 1st year of university to learn about our business and expose himself to the world of geotechnical and environmental consultancy. We wish Romain all the best in his future endeavours, below are some of the comments that he had to say about his time with us and what he learnt.

This has been the second summer internship Discovery CE have happily been a part of, we hope to have more summer interns in the years to come, helping to shape and inform the employees of the future.

“My name is Romain Marchais and I am a 1st year French Student at the Lasalle Institute of Beauvais. It is required, as part of my university course, that first year students undertake a summer placement and I was lucky enough that Discovery CE Ltd allowed me to work for them for a month in summer 2016. During this month I was able to learn about Geotechnics and how they work on a site, including how to log a borehole and a trial pit, how to use different software related to geotechnics (AutoCAD, gINT, GASP) and how to monitor groundwater and gas. I was also able to develop my English vocabulary, specifically on Geotechnics (vocabulary that I did not possess prior to this internship). I enjoyed my time at Discovery CE, it allowed me to discover the world of Geotechnics”.