BE Design LTD have again asked for a ground investigation from DCE, this one in the south-east of the country. Laverstoke Road in Maidstone comprises of a single commercial unit, formerly a DHL supply chain, occupying an area of 4.7 Ha. It is understood that following demolition, the proposed development will comprise of a commercial development consisting of 2 No. warehouse units.

BGS indicates that the site is underlain by the Hythe Formation (Interbedded Sandstone and Limestone). The site is known to be within the vicinity of historic quarrying activities which extends into the site and was subsequently backfilled prior to 1987. Nearby boreholes suggested backfilled Made Ground to be present between 10 – 16m deep.


The scope of works for Laverstoke Road is as follows:

-A desk study including a site walkover survey, detailed data review of all supplied historical information as well as publicly available information contained within a Groundsure report
-Preliminary Risk Assessment and Health and Safety RAMs
-8 No. Rotary cored boreholes nominally to 20m bgl and below any solution feature plus 5m;
-13 No. Cable percussive boreholes nominally to 15m bgl (through deep Made Ground to rockhead);
-9 No. Machine excavated Trial Pits nominally to 4m bgl to recover bulk samples for earthworks geotechnical testing;
-18 No. Static Cone Penetrometer tests nominally to 15m (to rockhead) across the site to profile Made Ground and the extent of the historic quarrying on site.
-Installations of 10 No. dual nested wells in selected boreholes in both deep backfill and rock;
-Survey of exploratory hole locations;
-Geotechnical laboratory testing. Details will be refined on completion of the fieldwork but testing is likely to comprise Atterberg Limit and moisture content determination, particle size distribution testing, compaction testing and shear strength testing.
-Chemical laboratory testing following completion of the fieldwork, though will likely include testing to determine the conditions with respect to human health risk, concrete design and risk to controlled waters;
-6 No. return visits to monitor gas concentrations and groundwater levels; and
-Provision of a combined Factual and Interpretative Report

This desk study and ground investigation as an enormous project, while the investigation may be split into two phases, taking an estimated 5 to 6 weeks to complete. Recommendations for further works including additional site investigation will be provided in the report if considered necessary.