Once again, the team are off up north, returning to Leeds once more to a site in Castleton. The scope of work this time is purely factual, entailing a mostly dynamic and rotary sampling on the previous demolished site.


The scope of works for this particular job is as follows:
-Health and Safety RAMs
-Site walkover with GPR scanning of borehole positions
-Mobilisation and demobilisation of Multipurpose Sampling rig (A Commachio GEO205 or similar) for six days to carry out dynamic sampling and rotary coring to between 8m and 10m at 9 No. locations.
-Installation of gas and groundwater monitoring wells in 8 No. exploratory holes to between 8 and 10m bgl including headworks.
-Provision of DCE engineer to supervise works and log boreholes

While the site is still being demolished, we will be mobilising the siteworks in two phases. Chemical testing samples despatched to I2 analytical laboratories for Carbide Properties to analyse. As the year winds down, we’re glad to be continuing work with our clients on larges-scale projects such as Castleton.