Discovery started the year with an initial ground investigation at Morton Park in Darlington. The site is underlain by the Roxby Formation (Mudstone) and is overlain by superficial deposits formed of Diamicton. The proposed development for Morton Park are 2 No, industrial units and associated infrastructure. Discovery’s proposed scope of works comprises of trial pits for earthworks assessment, cable tool and dynamic sampling borehole for foundation options, slope stability analysis and retaining wall design and soakaway testing for infiltration design feasibility.

Initially 15 No. machine excavated trial pits were undertaken to a depth of 3m bgl in order to provide detailed geo-environmental and geotechnical information for the site. After some time, another revised proposal for the site has been put forward, this one comprising of 8 No. machine excavated trial pits, 4 No. Cable tool holes to maximum 8.0m depth or refusal, 5 No. Dynamic sampling boreholes to 3m bgl or refusal. 6 No. ground gas and groundwater monitoring wells will be installed in selected boreholes, the team returning for six times in order to monitor gas concentrations and groundwater levels.