The second phase of the desk study is the Factual and Interpretative report, where all the information gleaned from the fieldwork and site investigation is consolidated into either a short factual based latter or a long interpretative report. The purpose of the Phase II Interpretative and Factual reports are to gather geological, geotechnical, and environmental data to allow assessment of the underlying ground conditions at the site with respect to geotechnical and contaminated land issues relevant to whatever the proposed development is.


Included are fieldwork and laboratory testing, soil and water samples being collected for testing against different laboratory suites that are suited to each individual site. The Ground conditions are highlighted, whether it be for the different types of naturals or artificial Made Ground. A Geotechnical Assessment of the site is also conducted in respect to Ground Strength, Foundations Designs, Buried Concrete Assessment, Contaminated Land Assessment, Conceptual Site Models, Human Health Quantitative Risk Assessments as well as a whole range of screenings in regards to controlled waters and gas assessments.

The Phase II of the desk study is arguably the most important part of the entire ground investigation carried out by Discovery, our engineers work to the highest standard and we have a long line of experience when producing these reports, taking pride in our client’s satisfaction.