Discovery has previously been employed by CEMEX as they required our engineers knowledge when it came to their clay storage building at their Southam site. To allow the most efficient use of space within the existing clay storage building, CEMEX required a mass concrete dividing wall to be incorporated into the refurbishment of the building.

The design was complicated by the fact that the wall was to be triangular in elevation with a maximum retained height of 11m. However, despite the challenge Discovery CE carried out a site investigation to derive geotechnical design parameters for the wall, later producing detailed geotechnical designs of the wall. Additionally Discovery designed Gabions for retaining up to 3m at the ends of the building.

Gabion Design 


For this congested site in Bristol, Discovery CE provided a complete pile design service which included; the design of bearing piles to carry the multi-storey building loads, the design of a sheet piled quay wall and the design of an anchor system.

The bearing piles terminated in the underlying Mercia Mudstone while the sheet pile retaining wall could achieve only a small penetration into this deposit.

To provide sufficient resistance to overturning, an anchor system was required which could not extend outside the confines of the very small site. Due to this restriction the anchors themselves were tied to additional anchor piles at the opposite edge of the site.

Gabion Design