Given the industrial legacy in the UK, many development sites require contaminated land remediation works to be designed and completed prior to successful development.

Discovery CE provides remediation design services which include development of detailed remediation strategies, all necessary regulatory liaison, supervision and validation of the remedial works. This £100k project was carried out on a former aluminium works, heavily impacted with hydrocarbon contamination. Our team of engineers was commissioned by Buckingham Group Contracting Limited to carry site investigation works, quantitative risk assessments, prepare a remediation strategy and supervise/ validate the remediation. All tasks were completed to the highest satisfaction of the regulators.


Soil and groundwater contamination by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) can prove to be particularly difficult to deal with when sites are looking to be developed upon.

This 9ha site in Leicester was found to be impacted with VOCs in both soils and groundwaters. Thus, Discovery CE prepared a Remedial Action Plan for the site, targeted at dealing with the VOCs in soils (through chemical oxidation treatment) and groundwaters through a pump and treat method.