Slope stability is the process of a naturally occurring or artificially engineered slope (e.g. embankments, cuttings, open-pit mining, excavations, landfills) to withstand ground movement. These appraisals ensure that there is no slope instability or mass movement. Mass movements are caused by an increase in shear stress, caused by increased loading or lateral pressure which would be indirect results of the proposed structures.

Discovery CE has a history of experience with the design and management of site investigations involving slope stability analysis. Our Geotechnical Engineers can provide advice and recommendations for the design and construction for new slopes, cuttings, embankments or the remediation of failed slopes. Using data obtained from an intrusive ground investigation, DCE Geotechnics can provide advice on the design of schemes to improve slope stability to permit development. Using supplied information as well as a variety of computer software we can assess the stability of existing slopes and the effect a proposed development will have upon the factor of safety against failure.

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