A Desk Study forms an integral part of a Geo-Environmental appraisal and is the basis for developing preliminary conceptual models from which further investigations, assessments and analysis are derived as well as executed.

The Phase 1 Desk Studies undertaken by Discovery include a review of available data held by statutory authorities, inspections of ordnance survey and geological maps and where available, previous site investigation data. Additionally site reconnaissance or “Walkover Surveys” can be performed to identify current uses of the site which may impact on the project. Our staff at Discovery CE Limited take great pride in their skills when it comes to site conceptualisation.

The development of the conceptual model is a crucial aspect of any Geo-Environmental project. The model itself will be constantly updated and refined by our team in the light of new and emerging data, keeping you ahead.

For more details and examples of our Phase 1 Desk Studies please see our page on Contaminated Land.

Site Investigation