Discovery CE provide a fully managed Site Investigation service from desk studies through to fieldwork and production of Phase II factual and interpretative site investigation reports.

Our Ground Investigations are carefully designed to address the anticipated issues associated with the site. Previous and proposed land uses are accounted for and the most cost effective investigation techniques are selected.

All relevant investigation techniques are considered together with the careful selection of sub-contractors, who are fully supervised during works. The scope of works that Discovery CE engineers are experienced in carrying out are listed below:

  • Supervision of Cable Percussion (Shell and Auger), Rotary, Dynamic Sampling and Multi-purpose drilling.
  • Supervision of Trial Pitting and carrying out Soakaway testing.
  • Supervision of Zone Load Testing.
  • Gas and Groundwater Monitoring.
  • Precise Level Monitoring; including onloading and offloading of Trail Embankment constructions and Settlement plates.



    However, a well executed desk study and ground investigation is worthless without a similarly well thought out report. Discovery CE utilises a wealth of knowledge from our highly experienced staff to ensure that the Phase II Interpretative and Factual Report addresses the issues at hand, providing you with clear recommendations.

    Discovery CE routinely provide Geotechnical and Environmental reports for small housing developments through to large industrial developments, including detailed Geotechnical and Environmental analysis.