BE Design has once again approached Discovery CE in regards to a large scale ground investigation, approximately 28 hectares. The site being divided into 2 No. sections, East and West, separated by Tiffield Lane, as shown below. The site has some complicated Geology: the eastern portion of the site is underlain by superficial deposits of Oadby Member comprised of Diamicton. There are no records of superifical deposits beneath the western portion of the site. The records indicate that the western half and south eastern portion of the site is underlain by solid deposits of Whitby Mudstone Formation. The eastern half of the site is predominantly underlain by Oadby Member (Diamicton) over solid deposits of Northampton Sand Formation comprising Sandstone, Limestone and Ironstone. The north east portion of the site is underlain by Stamford Member comprising Sandstone and Siltstone.

Preliminary ground investigation work carried out at the site by Discovery broadly confirms these conditions with the addition of Made Ground in certain portions.

Complex Geology aside, the scope of works in both Phases 1 and 2 comprised of:
-24 Cable Percussion boreholes taken to a depth of 10 to 20m bgl.
-18 Trial Pits to a maximum depth of 3.5m bgl.
-16 Dynamic samples taking to a maximum depth of 4 m bgl.
-Installation of gas and groundwater monitoring installations in selected boreholes and dynamic sample holes.
-Geotechnical Laboratory testing anticipated to include Odeometer Testing, Effective stress testing, Undrained shear strength testing, Earthworks testing and Classification tests.
-Return visits to site to monitor gas and groundwater levels and concentrations over four occassions
-Provision and Factual and Interpretative reports dealing with geotechnical and contaminated land issues.

Works are expected to start late September and last over 6 weeks. The team are excited to face this newest challenge.